Our team is built on a decade of experience in applying microneedle technologies as well as bringing medical innovations to the forefront of the industry. We got together to develop microneedle applicators that can effectively be used by end-users. To advance the microneedle field as a whole, uPRAX also provides custom R&D and quality research tools to extract samples, deliver drugs, and administer vaccines via the skin.





Adjustable Precision Applicators

At uPRAX, we decided our in-house tools should be made available to others working in the field of microneedles. In a research environment, they have proven to be effective at optimising application processes. Using precise electronic control of impact and pressing force parameters, adjustable precision applicators provide an opportunity to increase efficiency and improve consistency when it comes to applying microneedles to the skin.

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Spring Loaded Applicators

Future mainstream microneedle applicators should be novel and technically perfect, yet simple and easy to use with the end-user in mind. Focusing on the microneedle application process and looking for the most optimal application parameters continuously leads us to new ideas for their design. A variety of applicators should exist to serve specific purposes, and we look forward to showcase some of our ideas.

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Standardized Microneedle Testing

At uPRAX, we would like to see microneedles get onto the market as soon as possible. Also, we believe many different kinds of microneedles will find their own niche in healthcare. The development of consistent and reproducible application tools has enabled our team to offer universal and standardised testing procedures for 3rd party microneedle designs to be validated and optimized.

Engineering Services

At uPRAX we’ve had the privilege to work with many microneedle enthusiasts to answer various design & engineering questions. Our team has always been, and still is, interested in being involved with new (research) projects.

We find it especially exciting to think about how end-users will be using microneedles in the near future, and how we’re going to substantiate the impressive research achievements that have already been done!

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The natural progression of microneedle technologies requires collaboration between any and all practitioners. Together we can bring microneedles to the masses and make it an industry standard!


Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions – if we can’t answer them ourselves, we might be able to connect you with somebody else we’ve been talking to.