uPRAX aims to accelerate the transition of microneedles from a research environment into real world, lifesaving solutions. With a size of less than 1 mm, microneedles have proved to be more effective and less intrusive compared to many conventional methods of drug administration; great breakthrough innovations are being achieved around the world every day. The introduction of a standardised application procedure for end users is now begging for attention.

Please take a look at a selection of our product portfolio below, or contact us for an introduction to the full spectrum of (IP sensitive) possibilities. Also, we do recognize that sometimes it’s necessary to modify or (re)design an applicator for a new purpose. Please feel free to inquire about these possibilities or let us know when you have an idea yourself that needs attention. Together, possibly by using our in-house research tools, we should be able to work out the most prefered configuration.

Spring Load Applicators portfolio

Below you can find two selected products from our portfolio. We are always developing ideas, some of which we consider to be more IP sensitive than others. Curious to see what we’re working on behind the scenes, or have you got enthusiastic and want to discuss any of the applicators shown, then don’t be afraid to get in touch.

Spring Loaded Applicators

Spring loaded applicators

Impact Velocity Applicator

  • Transparent skin contact/end cap for easy applicator guidance.
  • Removable skin contact/end cap for easy replacement or cleaning.
  • Microneedle replacement system including microneedle storage tray.
  • Manual but repeatable reloading for infinite applications.
  • Microneedle shielding/manual retraction.
  • Application via perpendicular force to the skin.
  • Range of microneedle array shapes and sizes
  • Range of end cap/skin contact diameters

Pressing Force Applicator

  • Force gauge to visualize applied force.
  • Application via perpendicular force to the skin.
  • Consistent, repeatable application.
  • Microneedle replacement system including microneedle tray.
  • Infinite applications and no manual reloading needed

Some Of Our Other Ideas

Handheld V1

Our very first consistent, handheld, spring loaded applicator. The main features of this initial design is the consistency of application, ease of reloading and activating and the ability to easily access the microneedles on the plunger.

Mini Pen

Created with reduced size in mind, the mini pen idea explores the potential of high velocity microneedle application in very small packages. Though currently a little rough around the edges, some of the ideas used here have greatly aided the development of new applicators.

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The natural progression of microneedle technologies requires collaboration between any and all practitioners. Together we can bring microneedles to the masses and make it an industry standard!


Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions – if we can’t answer them ourselves, we might be able to connect you with somebody else we’ve been talking to.